Monday, March 06, 2006

Sheep test

Just a quick flash test of a character i've been working on lately.


John S. said...

REally great stuff! I'm trying to learn Flash so that I can animatie my web comic "Chippy and Loopus", but I'm having a horrible time. Did you start out with a drawing on paper? How did you "build" the character in Flash.
I am really impresseed with your work on this.

Allison said...

Hello, John! Thank you, I'm very flattered! :) I'm sure my setup isn't exactly the "correct" way, but with flash, i suppose there isn't one. I have each piece of the sheep on a separate layer, each piece being its own symbol. I made 3 body symbols and used them for various squashing etc. Same with the eyes. So if i want a blink, i just swap out the normal eye for the blinking eye. And tweeeeen the motion like cuur-AZY. Yeah-i roughed it out first, but in flash. No paper here! Thanks so much for your comment, i hope this helps!