Tuesday, February 12, 2008

rollin' rollin' rollin'

So a couple friends from work and I decided to do some sculpey sculptures! Fun!! We're just getting started but I'm totally pumped about it. MAKE ME KEEP THIS ENERGY! I picked a pegasus for my subject since i like horsies and always held a fondness for She-Ra's pet.

So here is my own design. Oh-and I should explain. Pegasus are always white and pretty and I thought hey-it might be cool to do a pegasus that really looks like an everyday horse. And then I thought-hey! It might be even cooler to play off a western looking horse and make it a pinto.

So here's round one with the armature built. Looks like a lil rat doesn't it? And yes, we have a green kitchen table.
This is the type of horse I'm talking about for color ref. Except along with the brown/white pinto coloring, I'd like to glaze it with a sepia tone kind of look. Kinda weathered and western. Maybe stain the base.
And this is just pure inspiration. I'll keep you posted! Forgive me if my pegasus turns out looking like a chihuahua.

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