Saturday, January 16, 2010


So after a year and a half, I've finally finished my first short film, "Barko." It runs 7 minutes and is about a sad lil circus dog. I worked on it through Titmouse - they ask a couple employees to do their own personal films every year (or two) and give us some time to work during that year, help promote it, etcetc. Thanks to Chris and Shannon of Titmouse and all the great help I got on this from coworkers/friends/interns! And thanks to my man, Josh for dealing with me working all the time! I won't be posting the film online anytime soon since I'll be spending the year applying to festivals and I think Titmouse has other plans for the collection of films we create. But I'll try to keep this blog up to date on what festivals it might get into, posters, and a trailer I'll be making eventually. So you'll get a peak if you haven't seen it yet! Now I'm off to play video games! Weeeeee!!!


Parker Simmons said...

Loved it. Congratulations again on finishing the beast!

Jeremy Polgar said...

Yay, Alli! I love "Barko"! It beats the crap out of the other fake "barko". Super stoked on your great accomplishment. See you tomorrow!

Dave Schlafman said...

Tease! I can't wait to see it. Any chance of a sneak peek? If not, I'm excited to stumble upon it soon. Keep up the great work and Congratulations.